For starters, what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the method of increasing the volume of traffic that visits your website and the ranking within search engine results i.e Google, Yahoo etc.

SEO breakdown:

  • Quantity of traffic from organic search engines (i.e Google)
  • Quality of click- throughs from results pages (these are called SERPs)
  • Hitting the right target audience/ profiles
  • Generating unpaid for traffic

SEO tips and tricks are great and pretty much essential for building an audience on any platform.  SEO addresses accessibility, keyword targeting, content quality, design, navigation, analytics and link building. There are various types of SEO but organic, audience driven, awesome content fueled traffic is the best way to go.

You’ll need:

  • Google webmaster Tools
  • Great accessibility, i.e a nifty network of HTTP coded pages and re-routes etc
  • Quality content
  • Killer web design
  • User friendly navigation
  • At least one way of getting analytics
  • A long term strategy for both the site and its content

When you post anything on a domain hosted website, like WordPress or blogspot, there should be an option to tag posts with key words. These words determine how your content will be found in a search engine. When selecting key words consider:

  • Good search volume
  • High relevance
  • Low difficulty

Meta tags (or Metadata) are small descriptors about the website or a web page’s content. They are only visible in the page’s code (HTML only) and are designed to tell search engines like Google the focus of the page.

That covers a few bits of the basics, look out for more SEO blog posts soon!

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