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February 2017

Crazy Eggs and Typeform

If you’re in a role where market research plays a chess piece then these two nifty pieces of software are for you.

Crazy Eggs

This is a new and easy way to get an overview of your sites click-throughs, they offer a variety of views and subscriptions including two free trials.




Allows you to build your own market research tools, which you can do from scratch or via one of their templates. A few of the templates they offer are:

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Registration forms
  • Lead generation forms
  • Polls, Quiz’s and feedback

When building you’ll have a variety of options that can easily be dragged and dropped into place. They layout is clean and super user friendly (see below).


Have fun!


It’s 2017!

So the time of year where we get to snaffle everything in sight is over. Shame. Highlights included a trip to the Cotswolds and a telling off for eating all of the apple sauce before Christmas day (I have a problem with condiments). I blamed it on the dog, which would have been a super plan except we don’t have a dog.

Things you can expect to see here soon:

  • Content Marketing how to’s
  • Content strategy: the difference between print and digital
  • How to describe fictional creatures
  • Best practice copy templates
  • Content governance and QA models
  • UX copy optimisation

Back soon!

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