Idea doubt, something that comes swift and often to the writer. Should I be writing free style with no research or plot strategy? or should I plan everything? And if I plan everything should I do research into how other writers plan things? and so comes forth a million things that bench your writing immediately. As I’ve been writing for a long time now I’ve come to realize that the best thing, for me anyway, is to simply write. Get it out and edit/shape it as you continue. If I get stuck for what to do next that’s usually when I do some research for something that will ignite the next load of words.

Going what I’d call ‘freestyle’ I think is important as it allows you to become aware of your own style and creativity. It also builds up a trust and confidence that your own imagination is the only thing you really need. Getting your head into a worry storm over other peoples methods and recommendations of plot points or writing processes will only cloud your judgement and block your best inner writer. That’s not to say they’re not helpful, i.e Ted Talks but treat them as inspiration and take lessons with a pinch of salt.

Having multiple iterations of a piece of work is completely normal, writing is a continuous task, that means you’ll be constantly editing, re-writing and and re-thinking your story or content. That’s not a bad thing and the more you do it the less idea doubt you’ll have.

p.s If you don’t watch Ted talks, get on that. Brain compost.