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A little bit more about me? Why not. I am a Commissioning Editor in Academic Publishing, formerly working in development etc etc. I have travelled across trade and academic publishing, working in journalism and editorial for many years. Alongside this I have written fiction and children’s stories in my spare time. This blog is to put fingertips to keys in order to disseminate the processes of how I do my daily dos. It is an outlet for my both creative need to write and to curate my knowledge, such as it is, of the publishing world.  If you have any specific questions for me, please do send me a message as I’m always happy to help.




Welcome! To my brand new blog, isn’t it snazzy? As per protocol this is the introductory post to kick off the blog. To start I should tell you a little bit about myself,  I work in publishing as an editor, write books and illustrate along with sticking my nose into a medley of digital and creative type things. This blog will aim to cover the hot topics in publishing and digital as well as some traditional topics for writers and editors. It’s also a blogspot for myself to solidify the things I learn along the way in the written word.

Watch this space.


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