I had to call upon a synonym for awesome out of the lexicon abyss today and thought it was a pretty splendiferous idea to make an anti-awesome list for moments like this in the future. Enjoy and re-blog at your leisure.

astonishing, awe-inspiring, awe-struck

beautiful, beyond the call, breathtaking, brilliant

clever, cool, chat-hop


epic, excellent, exceptional, exciting

fabulous, fantastic

great, groovy

heart-stopping, humbling, highly, hat tip

impressive, incredible, ingenious

magnificent, majestic, marvelous, mind-blowing, momentous, moving, monumental, mic-drop

out of this world, outstanding, overwhelming, on-steriods

phenomenal, powerful,  phantasmagorical

remarkable, righteous

shazam, sick, simply divine, spectacular, staggering, striking, stunning, stupendous, superb, sweet, splendiferous

terrific, the bees’ knees, the bomb

un-freakin believable

wow, wonderful, wondrous, what’s not to like?

Feel free to comment with other suggestions!